What is our involvement in agricultural innovation projects?

Digitalisation in agriculture has been emerging more and more strongly over the last decade. This is thanks to the countless technological advances that are enabling the agricultural sector to move forward on the path of progress.

More and more advances and projects in agricultural innovation are being presented to us. One of our objectives at AgriSat is to remain at the forefront, facing this increasingly advanced technological progress with a team of highly qualified experts within our R+D+I department.

At the forefront of agricultural innovation.

At AgriSat we invest and dedicate a large part of our production efforts to developing new tools that allow farmers to carry out their work as effectively and efficiently as possible.

From our beginnings until now, we have dedicated body and soul to innovation projects in agriculture. So much so that we are pioneers in the implementation and management of crop measurement and analysis systems using satellite images.

Throughout our 10 years of business experience, we have also been involved in countless innovative projects for agriculture, positioning ourselves as one of the main players on the Spanish and international agricultural scene.

Agricultural innovation projects in which we have been involved.

Examples that endorse us and constitute an important part of the agricultural progress of our days are the projects in which we were directly involved.

Innovative projects in agriculture, with an international scope, marked a before and after in the conception of the whole sector. They are pilot projects in which we worked together with the European Union obtaining incredible results.

  • Diana: study for the implementation of intelligent systems for the measurement and analysis of agricultural metrics thanks to EO data.
  • Apollo: study for the delimitation of controls on illegal water abstraction sources through digital structures capable of detecting these bad practices. Particularly in the face of water crises where illegality is experiencing historic increases.
  • Fatima: a research project on efficient soil management, seeking an increasingly precise adaptation to the nutritional needs of the territory.
  • Hermana: Through which we collaborate in the creation of tools for water management and use with the aim of responsible water consumption during crop irrigation.

As a result of these innovative projects for agriculture, the result of research, it has been a clear fact that agricultural dynamics have undergone a major change, breaking the mould in terms of the management of agricultural processes and contributing to the improvement of conditions in the sector.

Projects we are currently working on.

Our involvement with the inclusion of the latest technologies in agriculture to improve results and facilitate decision-making is constant. Proof of this are other agricultural innovation projects in which we are also currently involved.

  • Tudi: support for efficient resource management, where our focus is on the agricultural use of potentially degraded soil, both in the EU and in China.
  • Fast Navigator: a commitment to the configuration of increasingly accurate and efficient intelligent systems. This is a tool in beta version for the time being, where it will be possible to assess the nutritional needs of the crop even more quickly, automatically and accurately through web platforms where you can consult all kinds of data relating to the feeding of your crop.
  • Rexus: a project that seeks to break down the boundaries between science and politics in order to establish a more critical and objective view of the world we live in: so that we can create robust tools with the capacity to mitigate the effects of bad weather on crops.
  • Lenses: a study that analyses the trichotomy in agricultural production processes between water, energy and food, so that the management of resources and the production process is as efficient, safe and sustainable as possible.
  • Sieusoil: study of efficient soil management, based in the European Union and China. The project is supported by data management through mapping and different geological analyses of the territory for soil observation, in search of optimisation of agricultural resources.
  • B-ferst: project aiming at the implementation of ecological fertilisers in the agricultural value chain, as an indispensable element for efficient and sustainable crop growth.
  • Stargate: planning for the modernisation of agronomic management in the current agro-climatic context, seeking the benefits that the application of agri-environmental methodologies can bring to crop development.

Evolution has no limits and at AgriSat we are fully aware of this. Our commitment to agricultural innovation projects is a fact and our objective is clear: the progress of the sector.