High-tech farming

With farming intelligence you can save time, effort and money. All processes will be simplified in data and parameters that are easier to measure, and as a direct consequence, you will be able to make decisions that are better adapted to the situation of your orchard.

At AgriSat we put all our efforts into providing you with the best tools so that you can put their incredible functionalities into practice and see first-hand how much the performance of your crop can be improved with high-tech agriculture.

High-tech farming is here to stay, technological advances are unstoppable. The implementation of increasingly powerful and up-to-date improvements and tools is a reality, and at AgriSat we are fully aware of this.

High-tech agriculture at AgriSat

High-tech agriculture is the basis and essence of each of the products that make up our production.

In search of a qualitative leap in agricultural life, we offer a large number of intelligent services and tools that give you the peace of mind and security you need. At AgriSat our services endorse us and put us on the map as one of the most recognised national and international smart farming companies.

Our achievements confirm this, with the creation of AgriSatwebGIS being one of our main advances in high-tech agriculture: a new and revolutionary way of understanding the countryside and the dynamics of agricultural work and cooperation, which undoubtedly place us as a pioneering company in its development.

A more mechanised and agile system where you will have the opportunity to consult all kinds of parametric data of your crop, compiled and organised in all kinds of maps.

Thanks to which you will be able to anticipate, evaluating in a comfortable and millimetric way the water or fertilisation needs of your orchard, through our Irrimaps and fertimaps: analysing all your crop as a whole or by parcel segmentation, taking into account the present and future conditions of the territory.

You can also benefit from a specialised technical advice service. You will understand all that is involved in the digital system of your crop, a more simplified perspective where you will obtain all kinds of indications about the best options to take or the most convenient evaluation parameters.

Our activity is focused indistinctly on all the users that make up the sector, so you will be able to take advantage of high-tech agriculture, whether you are a private user or a corporate or institutional user.

Corporate or institutional users can also benefit from all kinds of digital tools and utensils adapted to their needs and objectives.

A much more global and customised intelligent service.

From AgriSat we offer a service with a much broader perspective, extending the limits of control of our high-tech agriculture. That is why you will be able to measure the progress and needs of your crop through satellite images with a vision of much larger areas, even being able to control the evolution of the agricultural territory by regions or countries.

You will be able to exercise a much more accurate and fine-tuned control of all kinds of measurement variables.