Through our online platform, you will be able to access information about your area of interest.  Our intuitive design will allow you to browse your farm and view your data in map format.

You will be able to check:

  • The vegetation index of your plot (NDVI), which shows vegetation vigour. NDVI values for each pixel and its/their evolution during crop season. Agrisat webGIS allows you to gather temporal information and thus, check the temporal evolution of that pixel and obtain export graphs and tables.

  • RGB image or colour composite: It helps highlight vegetation cover over any other surface of the image, allowing you to detect all the changes in the state of vegetation in different hues, ranging from green to ochre.

  • Also:
    • You will be able to make inquiries delimiting specific areas of your plot.

    • You will find the practicality of a WebGIS viewer necessary for your specific management and much more.

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More products