AgriSat: a company dedicated to quality agriculture

At AgriSat we are a company dedicated to agriculture, whose origin is the passion of its founders: the great art of cultivation. A passion that seeks to develop and promote progress in the agricultural sector, which nowadays can only be achieved through the development of new technologies at the service of agriculture.

Our beginnings go back approximately ten years. A long trajectory in the field has positioned us as one of the most innovative companies in the agricultural sector, with a great international projection.

The basis of our company dedicated to agriculture is the work and determination to develop and fill a whole sector with prosperity through innovative solutions. Innovation that is reflected in the capabilities and functionalities of each of our products, which facilitate each task.

Our constant effort to evolve and improve the dynamics of work and the way of conceiving the field has led us to also collaborate actively with large-scale innovation projects, involved with a common goal: the real and effective development and welfare of agriculture.

Who make up AgriSat?

AgriSat is made up of highly qualified people, covering all the facets and aspects that encompass the agricultural environment.

A company dedicated to agriculture with a human team that guarantees the best know-how based on a real gender equality, made up of more than ten people who provide a service full of dedication and with a great will in R+D+i. From agronomists and forestry engineers to computer scientists, biologists and farmers, you can count on innovative solutions adapted to any case in which your crop is involved.

Our main objective is the efficiency in the synergy between agriculture and technology, and therefore, with our staff you will see it exemplified and put into practice in each of your decisions.

What differentiates us from the rest of the companies in the agricultural sector?

The key to our differentiation lies in our vision of agriculture and therefore of the agricultural environment.

At AgriSat we consider technology to be a totally necessary means at the present time in which we find ourselves, but whose use lies in an increasingly nearer goal: innovation and simplification, and therefore, the qualitative improvement of agricultural production processes.

This is why our position is not fundamentally based on digitalisation, but on agriculture in essence, and on improvement as a result and the point on which our activity is focused.

From here, in line with the simplification of this imminent digital transfer, as one of our main objectives, you will find an unprecedented range of AgriSat products on the market. You will be able to identify the versatility and simplicity of its processes, being able to make use of them without the need for additional prior knowledge.

Products capable of covering all types of problems, with a quality that at AgriSat we translate into a large amount of information. Data that will allow you to control all your production in a precise and organised way: guaranteeing traceability and anticipating problems that may directly affect your orchard.

Do not hesitate to improve the conditions of your harvest, you will undoubtedly save a lot of time and effort. Digitise and experience unprecedented quality and effective growth of your production in the hands of one of the most renowned companies in the agricultural sector.